students :

Student should understand their role in their own success. Students are the backbone of a (...)

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The teacher :

A teacher must be a teacher educator more. Hold the required documents. It must continually (...)

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Parents :

Parents should regularly check the work of their child. Provide basic materials such as books, (...)

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The environment :

The school environment is a complex concept and not easy to analyze, due to the uncertainty of (...)

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Welcome to École Internationale De Kigali

The idea of ​​opening a school was created in 1997 to meet the needs of parents who wanted their children to attend classes in French, while institutions can respond were restricted or overloaded. Moreover parents Kigali does not have time to study and monitor their children’s homework at home due to their occupations.

This is why some parents with experience and concern for education came together in an association, to create a school meeting this urgent concern and priority is education of children


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